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Why Hire a Coach?

No one "needs" a coach. But people are certainly hiring them. Perhaps the answer to this question is best explained by an article by Carol Smith, Los Angeles Times, 5/20/96 :

"The reasons people use coaches are varied. Chief executives frequently look for coaches to serve as objective sounding boards. A university professor torn between teaching and publishing responsibilities used a coach to help her figure out how to prioritize her work life. A few companies have hired coaches to help executives smooth out relationships with employees. Many independent business owners seek out coaches to keep them on track as they build their businesses."

The Benefits


  • Help clients to set and attain clear goals and keep focused

  • Provide clients with the tools, support, and structure for creating the life they desire

  • Motivate clients to make changes that really matter

  • Help clients to achieve and maintain success and balance in their life

  • Partner with clients to establish a pattern for successful living, both personally and professionally

  • Hold clients accountable to their truth

  • Help clients identify and eliminate useless patterns and behaviors

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